What Makes Schools Different

Our-Lady-of-Angels-kids-in-classFor parents that are new to the school system meaning, that it is the first time their child is going to be going to school, they are often under the assumption that all schools are basically the same. While it is true that school districts have educational mandates that must be consistent throughout each school, there are still many differences within these educational institutions. It comes down to that some schools are better than others.


Every parent needs to know that their child is going to be in a safe environment during their school hours. Some schools implement more stringent safety rules than others. Safety also includes how the children interact with each other, and bullying is a big issue in most of the educational settings no matter what the age of the child is. Parents really want to know what the policy is for the school when it comes to this issue. When it comes to younger children, parents need to know that they are going to be fully supervised in the off teaching hours such as recesses and lunch times.


It is important that the school has a code of conduct in place for the children. Not only does this keep each child safe, but it keeps them in a structured environment which is part of the learning that every youngster needs. If the school does not have a fair conduct policy in place then the children have no sense of direction and how they are to conduct themselves in the school setting.

Extracurricular Programs

Being able to send a child to school that feels that extracurricular programs are important and it is a real bonus. It gives children that attend that school an additional advantage compared to the schools that don’t. These extra programs give children choices to expand their knowledge in areas of interest to them.