Is Too Much Technology Being Used in the Schools?

schools-2-jumboTechnology certainly opens up many doors for all individuals. It is often a source of convenience. Schools in general make sure that they stay up with the times and try to rely on technology as much as possible to do this. Each School may differ in the type of technology that they use.

Some parents feel that relying on too much technology in the school system is making the kids lazy and lacking in important skills. They will often use the example of kids not being able to do simple math unless they have a calculator in their hand. This is an argument that can go both ways. Old fashioned parents say that their kids can’t even count the change that is given back to them after making a purchase.

Then there are complaints that computers are taking over the majority of thinking for young students and that students are not being challenged to think for themselves, because their electronics make many of their decisions for them.

While there may be some room for concern here, it cannot be forgotten that these young people are being prepared for the working world. The working environment thrives on technology. If the young students are not taught how to work effectively with it then they will be lost in their chosen fields of employment.

There is also a learning curve that comes with every piece of technology. While old school parents may be able to count their change without a calculator, many of them would not know how to use a calculator to its greatest extent. So there really is a give and take when it comes to the new wave of education.

The bottom line is children have to be prepared for the future and the future is certainly going to be one that is forever growing in technology.