How Can Education Be Improved?

education1How education can be improved is an important question, because it involves many different people. It involves the government who sets the mandate and the budget for the schools. It includes input from the educators who have the big responsibility of ensuring that the children learn. It also includes the parents who want to be sure that their children are getting the best educational opportunities that are available.

Government Involvement

The government has to to make sure that proper funding is available for the schools. Many times the schools want to do much more for the children, but the budget simply will not allow it. Included in this financial need is making sure that enough money is set aside to be able to hire teachers of the best caliber. The school has to create a good working environment in order to encourage teachers that are well educated and dedicated, and will want to work there.

The Instructors

It is most important that the instructors have a passion for the type of employment they are in. They have to be eager to make sure that their students are being set up for success. Teachers that are only there with the concept of it being a 9 to 5 job are not going to put the extra enthusiasm in that is so important in a teaching position.

The Parents

More parents have to become pro active in the school system on the whole. It is easy for parents to sit back and complain about the negative aspects of the school system. However, they do have a voice and it will be heard. Parents can become involved on many different levels including meeting with the teaching staff as well as attending education related meetings with the government on both the provincial and municipal levels.